Our vintage wrap skirts are perfect for class, rehearsals, photoshoots, and everything in between. Each vintage wrap skirt is one-of-a-kind, and is made of lightweight genuine vintage fabric. Each skirt has a high-low design that brushes below the knees to mid-calf at its lowest point and mid-thigh at its highest. 


Our Apple Blossom Vintage Wrap Skirts are the pastel green counterparts to our Cherry Blossom Vintage Wrap Skirt. We have been able to produce one of each size (XS, S, M) of the gorgeously green Apple Blossom Vintage Wrap Skirt. 



XS Vintage Wrap Skirt

  • Waist Wrap Width:  35”/89cm

  • Front Length:  13”/33cm

  • Back Length:  25”/64cm

  • Overall Tie Length:  98”/249cm

Small Vintage Wrap Skirt

  • Waist Wrap Width:  39”/99cm

  • Front Length:  15”/38cm

  • Back Length:  27”/69cm

  • Overall Tie Length:  108”/274cm

Medium Vintage Wrap Skirt

  • Waist Wrap Width:  44”/112cm

  • Front Length:  17”/43cm

  • Back Length:  29”/74cm

  • Overall Tie Length:  118”/300cm


To keep your dancewear in top form, we recommend a cool/warm water wash and cool or air dry. 


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Apple Blossom Vintage Wrap Skirt


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