Are you working your dream to be dancer so hard that you not only dance- but sleep and EAT at the studio?  Or maybe your love of ballet extends into every aspect of your life and everything you do? For everyone who identifies with this dance life we love, we have created a limited edition set of three luncheon napkins to wrap your food or wipe your hands. 

This napkin set includes 3 10"x10" napkins: a pale pink textured stripe, a Fleur De Lis textured gray, and a City Ballet graphic in pale pink, gray, and black.  All napkins are lined with a very dark gray to compliment their textured and artistic fronts.  Imagine the pleasure of unwrapping a lunch set so beautiful and motivating! There is only a limited quantity available so order yours today to use for the years to come.

All napkins are machine washable/dryable.

Ballet Luncheon Napkin Set

SKU: AMB201830

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