Accessorize in style while protecting and preserving your pointe shoes! All pointe shoe bags are made from breathable lace fabric to allow moisture and sweat to evaporate and shoes to dry between use. Seams are reinforced for durability and strength. Cording is perfect size to slipover your wrist, attach to your dance bag or backpack, or hang for ventilation overnight. All pointe shoe bags also work wonderfully for flat shoes, jazz shoes- you name it.  We recommend a separate bag for each pair of shoes to allow for airflow.

The Meadow Flowers Pointe Shoe Bag is made of white lace with small horizontal groupings of flowers creating the look of a beautiful meadow in Spring. Bag size is 10.5"W X 11.5"H.

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  • Cotton cord drawstring

  • Reinforced seams

Meadow Flowers Pointe Shoe Bag


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