Our Peppermint Body-Relaxing Sugar Scrub is the perfect gift for an ultimate self-care routine. White sugar removes dead skin and leaves skin smooth, while coconut oil refreshes and moisturizes. Use it while bathing to remove stress, sweat, and tension from skin and muscles. 


Our Sugar Scrub is ideal for aspiring ballerinas and other athletes because of it's peppermint essential oil component. Peppermint contains menthol: a substance that has anti-inflammatory properties and alleviates aches and pains with a natural cool feeling. 


List of Ingredients: 

- White Sugar

- Coconut Oil

- Peppermint Essential Oil

- Artificial Coloring (green) 

- Fresh Peppermint Leaves 



- Each jar contains 16 oz of our scrub. 

- Each jar arrives in a 4"x 4" white box with Icona gift ribbon. 

Peppermint Body-Relaxing Sugar Scrub


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